Create Shipping Labels with PayPal for Non-eBay Packages

by Steve on February 24, 2013 · 48 comments

A while back I wrote a post describing how to create a pre-paid shipping label through PayPal, for non-eBay packages. That post became one of my most popular and I wanted to expand a little on ways to use this powerful tool to expand your business. A few obvious benefits come to mind, such as avoiding the line at the Post Office, or having your mail carrier pick up your packages with pre-paid labels right at your home.

Print Labels for Amazon Orders with PayPal

When I started selling through Amazon, I missed the seamless integration between my eBay seller account and PayPal shipping labels. Really though, it's not that hard to work around. Amazon orders are required to have a packing slip inside, so I just print all of my packing slips out, and copy the addresses into PayPal's Ship Now page. I get the option to ship packages Media Mail rates, and I get a trackable, pre-paid label for my package. The payment for the label comes out of my PayPal account. Obviously, this will work with any package. So if you're selling on a site other than eBay, you can still use this feature from PayPal.

Label Printers and Supplies

A common question is: "Do I need a special printer to print labels through PayPal?" The answer is no. Although you can print your labels on plain paper with your printer, you may want to get a label printer.

You can print labels for your U.S. Postal Service® packages with an ink jet, laser, or label printer. If you choose to print your labels to a label printer, you'll be asked to identify your printer model and paper size.

Label printer and paper recommendations:

PayPal MultiOrder Shipping

When you want to create more than one label, PayPal's MultiOrder Shipping is a good tool. PayPal had some serious problems with the program last year, but I gave it another try and it works just great now for me. To find MultiOrder Shipping, login to your PayPal account. In the left column near the top under the heading "Tools" you'll find the link to MultiOrder Shipping. It will import your eBay listings, but can also be used to create your own labels one at a time. To do so click "File" > "Create New Orders" and fill out the info. You can create package presets so you don't have to enter the information for each package. This is especially helpful with Amazon orders, since most books ship via Media Mail and fall into the same price category. I created a preset called "Amazon Book" that covers most books I sell. I simply select the preset, and then type in the customer's name. Then I click "Create Another" and it's saved to the queue and I'm on to my next label. Once they are all created, I can print them all out at once.

System Requirements for Creating Labels with PayPal

You can find the system requirements for using PayPal to create your labels here.
The requirements for creating a single label as well as using PayPal MultiOrder Shipping are all listed.

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