People are basically good.

by Steve on October 16, 2007 · 1 comment

One of eBay's founding principles is that people are basically good. Aside from all the wrangling and scamming that gets so much attention, the vast majority of buyers and sellers transact on eBay everyday without a hitch. Strangers sending money and goods to each other. Often those transactions result in secular conversations not related to any purchase.

Seth Godin has posted a great article showing the human side of doing business. It is about someone at Zappos actually feeling something for their customer as a human being and reaching out to do something nice. It is so easy, yet it's so rare today. eBay is the best platform in the world for this type of behavior, sellers and buyers need to remember that they are humans and the people they are dealing with are humans. Don't be so afraid of showing basic goodness. And although it shouldn't be the motive behind kindness - as insincerity will certainly be rewarded - people will notice and talk about what you've done, and sales will result.

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